By Michelle Fish

If the wait for your morning’s first cup of coffee feels like an eternity, feels like torture, then maybe the Keurig is for you. It is all about convenience and speed. Just pop in a pod, and less than a minute later you have steaming 6oz cup of joe.

But does all that speed and convenience come at expense of quality? And what about the affect on the environment from all of those pods ending up in landfills?

In this episode of Bean Basics, Bob shows you how to get the most out of your machine. Not all pods are created equal. He has some suggestions for how to make your freshest, most delicious cup of coffee with the Keurig, with little fuss and no waste.

And, special bonus, this week we debut our new theme music and graphics care of our friends at Lansing-based Good Fruit Video.

BIGGBY Coffee uses BIGGBY Best in all of its pod coffee. That’s really exciting for us, because it is a manifestation of our quest to be 50% Farm Direct by 2023.

30% of the coffee in the BIGGBY Best blend comes from our great friends and partners, the Ferrey family at the El Recreo Coffee Estate in Nicaragua. They are doing some very powerful, impactful things for their people and their community, and their coffee is delicious. We are proud to support them in the work they do by buying their coffee at a sustainable price, well above market average.

BIGGBY Owner/Operator Matt Corbeil joined us on our last trip to visit the Farm. Hear what has to say about his experience there and the work the family is doing here.

By the way, I got to sample all of the cups Bob made with the Keurig. I’m not a coffee expert, but I know plastic when I taste it, and for my money, the reusable pod filled with freshly ground coffee produced the best experience by a mile.

Here are some links in case you’re interested in any of the products featured in this episode.

You can find Keurig Coffee makers here.
You can find BIGGBY Coffee pods, beans and grounds at any location. Find your nearest one here. Or, shop on line direct from BIGGBY here or through Amazon here.
The GoodCups reusable pods are avilable through Amazon here.

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