By Michelle Fish

We are the proud owners of a lot of coffee equipment: several different types of auto drip machines, a Keurig, a Nescafe, a Chemix, a Cezve, a Moka Pot, a French Press, an Aero Press, the Flair, and about half a dozen different pour over setups. Phew!

But when Bob wants to try a coffee some one has sent us to sample, he has a go-to method… the Hario V60 pour over.

Of course, when we want to take a deep dive in on a coffee we’ve been sent as a candidate for our Farm-Direct program, we cup it. (Spoiler Alert… that episode of Bean Basics will be coming along soon). But the first step is always to get a sense of whether or not we like it, and what its general flavor profile is.

And that’s where the Hario V60 comes in. It’s super easy and convenient, and it makes a great cuppa joe. Bob shows you the tricks of the trade to make your perfect pour over.

The links below are provided for your convenience.

Hario V60
Spirit Animal Coffee
BIGGBY Coffee Whole Bean and Ground coffee through Amazon
BIGGBY Coffee Locations
One Bigg Island in Space You Tube Channel

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