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By Michelle Fish

We reached out to our friend and partner at Living Hope International, their President, Lee Davis, to ask how the current CoVid-19 pandemic is affecting the orphanage and the coffee farm and workers in Ndola, Zambia. (Read more about their story here.)

We were very glad to hear that to date, they are all safe and healthy, and they are taking every precaution.

Lee told us that our next shipment of Living Hope coffee is likely to be delayed as it was caught in a CoVid-19 related shutdown of the port in South Africa. We still have coffee in stock. You can support the vital work that Living Hope does buy buying your bag here. 

Here’s the note from Lee.

“Zambia is also affected by the coronavirus. The first cases were identified in mid-March. As of today, the government has reported 35 total cases with 1 death all located in the capital of Lusaka. So far, there are no cases reported in Ndola. However, the testing capabilities of the Zambian Department of Health are quite rudimentary compared to the USA and other more advanced countries. One advantage that Living Hope has is its isolated location. We are located in the “bush” i.e. the rural countryside 10 miles from the city of Ndola. As of March 30th, all schools; primary, secondary and universities were closed. Our college aged children have all returned to the campus. We have discontinued daily transport of 2 housemothers and 2 workers to the land from Ndola and have required that they quarantine in place at their homes in Ndola. We will continue to pay these people during the quarantine. All trips to town, with the exception of buying food, fuel and electricity have been cancelled. An awareness meeting was conducted with all workers, housemothers and children by the Ministry of Health. We have implemented stringent guidelines for our coffee workers and security guards. Each day their temperatures are taken and recorded. Hand washing stations have been installed at every entrance gate. No contact with the children is permitted. We have designated one of our unused buildings as the quarantine unit should someone exhibit Covid 19 symptoms. We have arranged for medical personnel to come to the land to examine / treat any person so identified. We have acquired protective masks and gloves. Jamie Flowers and family have been instructed to stay at home and not visit the campus. All sports activities with outside groups and all off-campus church services have been cancelled.

Despite the pandemic, by the grace of God we move forward. At Christmas this past year our child sponsors donated 2 foosball tables for the children’s housing. The children are enjoying them immensely. Work on the children’s permanent housing continues with target move-in date scheduled for June of this year. The last hectare of coffee was planted this past December/January. We’ve experienced a good rainy season and so we expect a bountiful coffee crop this year. Harvesting will begin mid-May.

All of us at Living Hope are extremely grateful for the partnership with Biggby Coffee.”

Kids at Living Hope, Zambia
Children at the Living Hope International Orphanage

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