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Our partnership with The Living Hope International Coffee Farm is supporting the growth of the community of N’dola.



Our Farm-Direct Partnership with La Fortaleza in Chiapas is helping small producers recover from a devastating epidemic of Rust.



Our partnership with the El Recreo Coffee Estate and the Ferrey family: improving the planet, the community and people's lives.

Bob and Michelle Fish One Bigg Island in Space

Traveling the world in search of coffee that brings people together and serves the planet

My name is Bob Fish. My wife Michelle and I are on a journey to discover and unite us with the lands and the people that make this unbelievably great and natural product that we all love. We will examine and verify that what we are consuming is being produced in a humane, sustainable, and quality matter. We invite you to be right there with us as we meet the families and learn their names and their stories. Together, we will explore what it means to be on our ”One BIGG Island in Space”… oneness without boundaries.


50% of coffee we purchase will be Farmer Direct by 2023

Every gram of coffee that goes into your cup comes from somewhere… from someone. Michelle and I are traveling the globe to find coffee farmers that are doing the right thing for their people, their communities, and our planet. Sustainability is the key. By buying their coffee crop in a Conscious way, meaning at a fair price, we can all be sure that what we drink everyday is making a purposeful difference to all of the Stakeholders and BIGGBY Nation. BIGGBY Coffee fanatics consume around 2,000,000 pounds of our coffee a year. By 2023, half of that will be sourced directly from farmers we know (and you will too) who are making the world a better place. Follow along with us as we share their stories here on “One Bigg Island in Space.”

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