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By Bob Fish

You do not have to care.

You have your life and your own problems. There is not the time or energy to try to save the world, not to mention the neighborhood down the street or the kid next door. That’s OK.

But, as a consumer (and you are one) you buy stuff. It is wholly unavoidable. You work to generate an income that provides food, shelter, and clothing. Your quest is to provide security, safety, and health for your family and friends. In that process you consume goods and services that meet those needs.

It is not easy, and all that can be a distraction to the that fact that as a consumer the power lies 100% with you. In other words, successful corporations and companies design products and services to meet your expectations and needs.

Again, you have choices, and ultimately you vote with your earned dollars. They cannot exist without you. Companies don’t drive our economy, you do.

You don't have to care

What to do with that power? Well, that’s a decision that you have to make.

My recommendation is to find the companies that share your values and perspective and be intentional about buying from them. With very little effort and at your fingertips is all the information you might need to discover these companies. You do not have to accept what is put in front of you. You have choices, you have the power.

You don't have to care

At BIGGBY COFFEE, we have found a game changing way to purchase coffee called ‘Farm-Direct.’ What that means is: that we as the end-user buy directly from the producer or farmer and eliminate as many of the middle-men as possible.

What that does, is make it possible to pay the farmer more for their product. That means then we can have a higher expectation on not just the quality of product, but on how it is produced. In other words, this product goes way beyond both Fair Trade and USDA Organic.

We only work directly with those producers and coffee farmers that ‘treat their people right’, ‘treat the planet right’, and ‘invest in their communities.’

What that means is that for about the same money, we are breaking the cycle of poverty and the negative impact of climate change all over the world. And although these two issues appear to be unrelated to our daily lives, in fact, they may just be the kind of innovative change we need both at home and around the world.

You don't have to care

Bob Walking the coffee field with Solomon Demeza (left), one of the small producers whose coffee we purchase through our partnership with Pascual Castillo (right) and Finca la Fortaleza in Chiapas, Mexico.

You don’t have to care, but BIGGBY Best (our most popular drip coffee blend) is now 100% Farm-Direct. Certified by OBIIS (One BIGG Island in Space.) We just thought you should know that you (as a consumer) are having a positive impact all over the world ❤

A Name, A Face, A Place for every cup of coffee we serve.

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