By Michelle Fish

There’s nothing quite like a freshly pulled shot of espresso. Pushing the right amount of near boiling water through the right amount of freshly ground coffee with at least nine bars of pressure creates magic. The creamy almost syrupy feeling of it in the mouth, the intense coffee flavor, the crema on top. Good things truly can come in small packages.

Up until now, though, if we wanted to start our day with a shot, we had to leave the house to get one. Sure, there are plenty of home espresso machines on the market. You can spend a pretty penny… I’ve seen machines selling for thousands of dollars. But we have relied on our famous “cheaters” methods: the AeroPress and the Moka Express. They make a fine approximation of espresso, but you don’t get the crema and the mouth feel isn’t the same.

And then my handsome husband, BIGGBY Coffee Co-CEO Bob Fish discovered the Flair. Coming in at around $250, and in it’s own carrying case so it needn’t take up permanent valuable real estate on your kitchen counter, it allows you to create your own espresso magic at home.

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The Signature Flair

Baratza Vario-W Grinder


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